Knives Out’s Twitter Is Feuding With An Ana De Armas Fan Account

I’m a lover; not a fighter. That all changes, however, when I log in to Twitter and arise as a keyboard warrior.

If I see someone with #AllLivesMatter in their bio, I’ll bombard them with snarky GIFs. If someone’s display picture contains ‘MAGA’, I will meme them to high hell. Don’t even get me started on the one bloke who said he preferred Grease 2 to the first Grease. Jesus.

I thought I was alone in this, but it turns out that I may just whack it on my LinkedIn profile and get a career with Lionsgate.

Knives Out’s social team – which is headed up by Eric Dachman – kill Twitter. More so than whoever killed Christopher Plummer in Knives Out. (I have seen it; I know who the culprit is; I just don’t want to spoil it and face the wrath of Eric.)

When they’re not posting perfectly curated posts, they’re dragging an Ana de Armas fan account, after they realised they were blocked from the account, following Ana’s lead, after she, too, blocked them.

Then, Knives Out’s Twitter went full Linda Drysdale and publicly outed the account, saying “Thank god Armas Updates can’t read this.” Sorry if I start writing typos; it’s difficult to type and eat so much popcorn at the same time.

I just rate Eric for taking the (sort of) high ground, and not straight up reciting Chris Evans’ “eat shit” speech. I don’t care if it has to be across several posts – every character is worth it.

Just when you thought this had reached peak Twitter, Rian Johnson, acclaimed director of Knives Out, responded to the beef, saying “I don’t know what’s happening but I am entertained.” (Which is, ironically, the same sentiment I have for his Pokémon Go commercial.)

Screw it – I might pay to promote these tweets just to fuel the anger even more. I’m not hungry, but I could really do with some more beef.

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