TikTok User Knits Life-Size Thanos

What did I intend to do during lockdown? I wanted to learn the French language; master the art of topiary; and to expand my horizons by reading a new book every day.

What have I done during lockdown? I once ate two cans of Pringles within an hour, so… Yeah.

Meanwhile, Jenna Bates – who goes by the name of Wooly McWoolface – has been challenged by her boyfriend to knit a life-size Thanos.

“This might just be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever made,” said Jenna, as she introduced her challenge. I don’t use the term challenge lightly, FYI.

For the three people in this universe who hasn’t seen Avengers: Endgame, know that Thanos is approximately 700 pounds, has a height of 8’3″, and a chin that is about the size of a double-decker bus.

All I’m saying is that I’d have been able to handle Tony Stark’s death a lot better if he was fighting against this adorable little fluff ball.

In the 26 days since Jenna began her project, she has crafter Thanos head as well as his very comic book accurate version of his armour. If Jenna manages to make wool click it’s fingers, I will hand over all rights to The Movie Dweeb to her.


Part 3 of knitting lifesize thanos (sorry this took so long, this vest is HUGE) #knitting #avengers #thanos

♬ original sound – woolymcwoolface

Annoyingly, her knitting skills isn’t just a fluke – in the past, Jenna has made Animal Crossing’s Isabelle, Stitch, Shrek and Olaf. All I want for this article, Jenna, is a life-size version of me.

I’m only six foot, though, so that’s nothing in comparison to Thanos, is it?

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