Taika Waititi’s Pro-Racism Video Resurfaces

Before you kick off – just know that I was lulling you into my article with the art that is ‘clickbait’. I am fully aware that Taika Waititi is not a racist.

And if I see one more comment from someone moaning that he played Adolf Hitler, I will delete the whole damn internet.

Maggie Smith played a witch, but that doesn’t mean she can turn into a cat. Mainly because she’s already a damn fox.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the world has been rallying for Black justice, and the Jojo Rabbit star has helped by sharing his ‘Give Nothing to Racism’ satirical video.

Appearing in black and white – like a true charity punch to the gut – Taika says “As New Zealander of the Year, I’m calling on every one of my fellow Kiwis to help support a very important cause – racism.”

He then urges viewers to give whatever they feel comfortable giving to racism; such as “a smile, a cheeky giggle, even a simple nod”.

In this video, Taika cleverly addresses how – while you may not deem yourself as racist – acknowledging and laughing to derogatory jokes makes you racist.

Sharing the snippet, the Hunt for the Wilderpeople director said “You guys seem to love earnest celebrity videos, so here you go! Exactly three years ago New Zealand made this thing and its still relevant. This is the full length version. #givenothingtoracism.”

You can support the Give Nothing campaign today.

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