The Funniest Reactions To Disney’s “Leaked” Hercules Cast

I have been let down a lot in the past. More importantly, I have let a lot of people down in the past. I once promised I’d pick a mate up from the airport. I still haven’t done that and his flight landed seven months ago.

I bet he’s really enjoying the WHSmith meal deals right about now.

But when I saw the apparently leaked live-action cast roster for Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Hercules, I was about as disappointed as Joe – who’s probably on his 212th Wetherspoons breakfast at Gatwick airport right about now.

The image, which quickly became a top trend on Twitter, saw Noah Centineo as the titular hero, with Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer as Meg, Jeff Goldbum as Hades and Danny DeVito return as Philoctetes, much to Josh Gad’s delight.

However, this doesn’t look to be real as Disney hasn’t posted anything yet, and I’d be surprised if Walt let @magical_rainbow92 upload the official announcement first.

Naturally, Twitter did its thing and reacted in the most Twitterific way possible – including myself, who skipped dinner just so I could do a mediocre Photoshop.

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