Jonah Hill And Seth Rogen Plan Documentary About Getting Exhausted By Swearing

In this wild, confusing time, we are relying on the world’s greatest minds; the planet’s smartest, most-inventive scientists to help rid us of this dreaded coronavirus.

And, instead, they’re tallying up swear words in film. I suppose that’s equally as good, too…

Reports have confirmed that thanks to films such as Superbad, The Wolf of Wall Street and This Is The End, Jonah Hill has passed Samuel L. Jackson with the most recorded swear words in film.

Thanks to Jonah, I’m even more of a disappointment to my mother, in comparison.

Jonah Hill wrote “So many people to thank. Martin Scorsese, thanks for pushing me over the edge. And, of course, the great Samuel L. Jackson. Humbled.

“Also, “new report”? What team of scientists cracked this one?” questioned two-time Academy Award nominee.

His Sausage Party co-star, Seth Rogen, commented on Jonah’s Instagram post simply saying “The dream” only for Jonah to pitch something that I would watch in a heartbeat. (Then again, I’ve watched the first series of Too Hot to Handle twice, so I’ll watch fucking anything.)

“We should make a Last Dance style documentary of me exhausted getting to the final fuck. ‘I can’t do it anymore!'”

And then, with any luck, it’ll result in Jonah Hill starring in Space Jam: A New Legacy. That’s how this works, right? Just tell me you wouldn’t want to see Jonah call Daffy Duck a twat.

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