Taika Waititi Reacts To Fan Suggestion He Should Play Tiger King’s Joe Exotic

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What have I done since the lockdown began, you ask. I have spent 89% of my time watching Netflix’s Tiger King; I have spent 10% of my time talking to people about Netflix’s Tiger King.

And then I spent the remaining 1% of the time making a list of things I’ve done since the lockdown began.

Joe Exotic, the meme-cum-attempted murderer, has become a sensation since the release of the docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, and now Academy Award winner, Taika Waititi has had his say on whether he should take on the iconic role.

Fans were quick to jokingly reach out to the Thor: Ragnarok director to write his very own box-office adaptation of Joe Exotic’s life, and to also star as the lion-keeper; only for him to turn down the role.

And he literally just released a film where he plays Adolf Hitler, so that shows how fucked up Joe Exotic actually is.

When one fan Photoshopped Taika with Joe’s mullet and facial hair, the Jojo Rabbit actor replied, saying “I feel if you add that hair to anybody they could also write, direct, and star in it.”

This is set to be good news for several A-listers, who are all fighting for the role of a lifetime, including Dax Shepard who took to Twitter to claim Hollywood was “broken” if he didn’t get the part, only for Edward Norton to put his name in the ring, insisting Kristen Bell’s husband was too young for the role.

Meanwhile, Joe Exotic’s real-life husband*, Dillon, has stated that he could see High School Musical hunk, Zac Efron, take on the role of his partner, Joe. I, too, see the similarities; they’ve both been accused for attempted murder; they both have extravagant piercings on their penis, and don’t even get me started on how much meth Zac smokes.

* one of many

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