Idina Menzel Takes Me On In A Quiz About All Things Frozen

Idina Menzel’s performances in both Frozen and its sequel, Frozen 2, are flawless.

I’m telling you that in case you haven’t seen the Disney Animated Classics, and I’m also telling Idina that as I am dead certain that she hasn’t seen them.

Idina – who has played Queen Elsa since 2013 – has gone on to critical acclaim and even won an Academy Award for her smash-hit ‘Let It Go’, but this is all news to her, as I found out going head-to-head against her in a quiz.

For my day job, working on Capital Breakfast, I got the chance of putting my extensive knowledge of all things Frozen; something that I blame on my niece, but in fact I was watching Frozen well before she could even burp, against Idina’s.

Now, I feel like I was at an unfair advantage; a lot of the questions were catered towards Idina, having been based on not only a film she had starred in, but predominantly about her character. I was wrong to panic.

It turns out that – whether it be lyrics to songs, or her own character’s age – Idina Menzel knew nothing about Frozen, and I beat her hands down.

I am just so bloody thankful that I wasn’t against her in a singing challenge, because it would have been really humiliating when I beat her at that too, wouldn’t it?

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