The Funniest Reactions To The New Cats Trailer

I’m throwing this out there – cats may be the worst pet in the world to have. They’re evil. Their eyes pierce your soul as they plan world dominance, to enslave the human race, from beneath your car as you’re attempting to pull it out of the driveway.

And don’t even get me started on how hideous their butt holes are.

May I present to you the first (and only) bit of evidence in my case against the feline race? The brand new Cats trailer.

After watching the advert for the new feature based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, I am confident that it’s actually James Corden, looking like the Cat in the Hat’s evil twin, that I see in my sleep paralysis.

Thank you, internet, for helping me get over this weirdly digitally augmented, big breasted cat-human spawn of Satan.

And what sort of blogger would I be without some shameless self-promotion?

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