Lizzo Auditions To Play Ursula In Live-Action The Little Mermaid Remake

If you haven’t seen Lizzo’s Glastonbury performance yet, I implore you do so now. I’m giving you permission to quit my blog, to watch someone else’s content. That’s how incredible it was.

After watching her sing ‘Truth Hurts’, I felt like a powerful black woman. And I’m not black. I’m not a woman. And I’m certainly not powerful.

Which is why I was rallying behind the ‘Juice’ singer when she threw her hat in the ring to play the role of Ursula in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Who knew Disney were remaking old animated classics into live-action movies? I never saw it coming, personally.

After Variety reported that Melissa McCarthy was in early discussions to portray the film’s antagonist, Lizzo shared a video of herself singing the film’s hit, ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’, with purple skin and a bouffant that would make Marge Simpson jealous.

Lizzo’s serious about playing Ursula, as this video was originally uploaded in 2018. But I can’t blame Lizzo for rehashing old content for likes; I will forever live off of a meme I made which has generated 28 million views. (Heck, I’ll even link out to it, as I’m desperate as hell for acceptance.)

While I’m fully backing Lizzo in her attempt at being cast in the Disney movie, I’m disappointed with her caption. The 31-year-old singer wrote “I’M URSULA. PERIOD,” when we all know she should have said “I just took a DNA test; turns out I’m 100% that witch,” but whatever. What do I know? I only do social media for a living.

Meanwhile, Disney recently cast Room‘s Jacob Tremblay to play the role of Flounder, and star of Crazy Rich Asians, Awkwafina, to play Scuttle.

Lindsay Lohan – bear with me – has also shown interest in playing the titular role, after the Hollywood Bowl announced Glee‘s Lea Michele was cast as Ariel. Lindsay commented on the announcement with a simple ‘Huh?’.

Either she was disgruntled by the casting, or was just as confused as I am about how her career went to such shit following Mean Girls.

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