Are Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Teasing A Breaking Bad Movie?

UPDATE (27 June): I wanted to fight Skyler in Breaking Bad. Now, I want to tackle her actor, Anna Gunn, after she seemingly denied the rumours that a Breaking Bad movie was in the works.

Gunn spoke The One Show, saying “I believe it is a nod to a mezcal tequila that they are bringing out, the two of them, called Dos Hombres,” before saying that Cranston promised there would be donkeys at his launch party on Cinco de Mayo.

Original Story:

Ever since its season finale in 2013, there’s been a Breaking Bad shaped hole in my heart. I mean, it’s not quite as severe as the hole in Gus Fring’s face, but I’d say we’re close.

However, much like one of Walter White’s clients, you, too, can prepare to have your addiction fuelled, as the two leading stars of the drama – Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul – are thought to be teasing a Breaking Bad reunion.

The pair shared identical posts on Twitter, which were even more cryptic than Donald Trump’s feed. (One day, the planet’s greatest minds and scholars will work out what he meant when he said “covfefe”.)

The pair of Emmy winners shared a photo of two donkeys – or, as Hank would say; “Jesus Christ, Marie – they’re mules!” – with the simple caption ‘Soon’.

To fuel the rumours further, Better Call Saul showrunner, Peter Gould shared the Jesse Pinkman actor’s post, saying “Looking forward to this.” Either the three of them are planning a trip to ride the donkeys at Southend, or this could be a big Breaking Bad reunion.

Many believe that this could be referencing a Breaking Bad feature film, despite the fact that Bryan’s Walter White died in the serious finale. (Don’t even think about coming at me complaining about spoilers. The show finished six years ago.) There have been speculations that the film would focus on Aaron Paul’s character, Jesse, however.

Others believe that these two characters could be making an appearance in the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, which is set to air next year. Vince Gilligan, the creator of both shows, hinted at the possibility of the pair appearing when he said “we would be remiss if we didn’t see these folks at some point in the series.”

What with Walter bleeding out, after being shot to death, in the final episode of Breaking Bad, it seems unlikely that his character would make a return to the franchise. But I have a theory – hear me out – Bryan and Aaron are going to play talking donkeys in the Breaking Bad universe. Bucking Bad. C’mon…

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