Lady Gaga Is Rumoured To Play Rocket Raccoon’s Love Interest In GotG Vol. 3

Recently, Lady Gaga told trolling audience members to fuck off at risk of them taunting her for her believed relationship with Bradley Cooper.

So I’m not going to speculate as to whether or not the A Star Is Born actors are in a whirlwind romance. I’m not stooping to that petty, crass level of lazy journalism.

I’m going to speculate as to whether or not they’ll portray two animated mammals that will have a relationship. (I went to university. Can’t you tell?)

Following two hugely successful outings with the Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn is set to return to complete the trilogy with – you guessed it – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3… Because that’s how numbers work.

It has been rumoured that the Shallow singer, Lady Gaga, is being considered for Lylla, the anthropomorphic otter and Rocket Raccoon’s (played by Bradley Cooper) love interest.

There’s many reasons for Lady Gaga to portray Rocket’s love interest in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Firstly, Lylla’s full name is Lady Lylla. Both her and Gaga share the first name, Lady. And if you don’t think that’s both their birth names, you’re wrong. Rumour has it Lady Gaga’s parents were huge fans of Lady & the Tramp. Thankfully they didn’t have a son.

We already know they have an incredible connection and chemistry, having seen them in A Star Is Born, and Gaga’s distinct voice would bode well for voice acting.

And if that’s not enough reason to cast her, Gunn, just think of Twitter going into a mad frenzy when they pair are linked together again. You’d get more traction online than if Donald Trump leaked his own nudes. Plus, I probably wouldn’t shatter my phone and shove the shards of glass into my retina if the casting happened, unlike the Trump nude-gate.

James Gunn did, however, express his disinterest in adding Lylla to his adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy. In a recent Facebook Q&A with CinemaBlend, Gunn said

You’ll have to wait and see on Lylla. But I will say I think a raccoon being sexually attracted to an otter is similar to a human being sexually attracted to a possum. I think it’s very important that Rocket is the only thing like him, which is the source of his sadness and loneliness. An otter girlfriend could get really cartoony really.


I’d be in favour of casting Gaga as Lylla; the headline writes itself, which really does me a favour, plus, who doesn’t want a superhero musical? That’s what Logan was missing – show tunes. Don’t hire Hugh Jackman if you don’t want him to sing.

All I worry is that if Lady Gaga does make an appearance, think of the god awful fanfic that’ll be on the internet. Here I go again – smashing up my phone, once more.

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