WATCH: Elton John & Taron Egerton Perform Tiny Dancer

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s handsome men. And I really hate them when they’re charismatic, funny and can sing like angels.

That’s why – should I ever meet Taron Egerton – I promise to kick him straight in the shins; the sexy, cute bastard.

During Elton John’s Academy Awards Viewing Party, Taron Egerton suggested an off-the-cuff performance of Tiny Dancer. (Yup. I, too, believe that it was totally a on the spur of the moment occurrence, and definitely hadn’t been pre-planned. Totally.)

The Kingsman actor said “It’s funny how life turns out it isn’t it,” before belting out the iconic song.

Taron is set to portray Elton John in the upcoming biopic, Rocketman, and even got the seal of approval from the singer himself.

“It can’t get any better for me,” said Elton, according to David Furnish. (Which is annoying – I’ve spent £32,000 on feathered jackets, in the hope I could get the role. But apparently it doesn’t get better than Taron. Sheesh.)

If only they snuggled up to each other like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars. Now that would be a video worth watching.

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