The Funniest Reactions To The First Video Of Will Smith As The Genie

Today, I tried to get the day off work. I’ve actually exhausted all of my standard go-to excuses for a sickie; “I had a headache”. “I have a runny bum.” “My brother-in-law just got hit by a bus”. Standard stuff.

Today, however, was much more harrowing; it was far more serious. I wanted – nay, needed the day off work because I saw the first glimpse of Will Smith, after he had just blue himself, as the Genie.

In December 2018, Will Smith told Entertainment Weekly that his version of the Genie would “stand out as unique”. Never a man truer to his word, as the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s live-action remake of Aladdin was released during the GRAMMYs. (And I thought Cardi B’s dress giving birth to her was going to be the most terrifying moment of the ceremony.)

WARNING: For those of you who have seen Bird Box, and have wondered what the mysterious moments that made you kill yourself looked like, here’s the answer.

If you were unsure as to what a fat, cyan version of the bloke from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would look like, then Guy Ritchie has got you covered. And if you’ve ever wanted to roast a fat, cyan version of him, then head to Twitter. (And to think; I thought it was just a place to anonymously call Katie Hopkins a knob. Who knew you could also slag off animated genies too?)

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