Is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson In Frozen 2 As Sven, The Reindeer?

UPDATE (19 November): I recently spoke to Kristen Bell – I know, I’m shocked someone left me alone with her too, frankly – and she told me that Josh Gad tagged The Rock as a joke, just to confuse fans. (It’s not quite the clickbait I was hoping for, but I’ll work with it.)

Picture this. It is 22 November 2019. Cinema goers have flooded to their local Odeon to watch Disney’s sequel to their highly acclaimed movie; Frozen 2.

You’re sat behind me – a now-26-year-old, donning a sparkly blue dress, whimpering every time the movie alludes to letting it go.

That’s an actual possibility that may happen, FYI.

Josh Gad, who plays Olaf in the animated movie, shared a photo with some of his Frozen cast members, on Instagram. Now, the comedian may¬†have let slip one of the film’s biggest secrets to date, or… He just doesn’t have a bloody clue how Instagram tags work.

Captioning the snap “Soon enough…”, Josh tagged Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel – and, oddly, tagged Jonathan Groff (who plays Kristoff), as Santino Fontana (who played Hans).

I’ll let that slide, however – maybe Josh was too busy trying to (much like anyone who saw it) work out what happened in his movie, Murder on the Orient Express to tag people properly.

But one tag left me, and many others shocked – he tagged Sven, the reindeer, as The Rock, leading some to believe that Dwayne Johnson may voice the animal. Possibly in one of Kristoff’s dreams, or during an elaborate musical sequence.

However, some have commented that this may be Josh trolling his 769k followers, by referencing Disney’s other animated classic, Moana, in which Dwayne’s character, Maui, shape-shifts into several characters including, briefly, Sven.

Johnson is yet to confirm or deny his appearance in the Frozen sequel, but be warned – if you thought Let It Go was catchy, wait until it’s sung by the guy who did ‘You’re Welcome’. If those two collide, you’ll never sing another song again. Ever.

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