Watch How Marvel De-Age Michael Douglas For Ant-Man And The Wasp

Marvel know what they’re doing. They’ve used visual effects to turn Vin Diesel into a talking tree (and, in turn, give him the chance to do a better performance than any of the Fast & Furious films), as well as transforming Josh Brolin into a big purple testicle-chinned prick.

I’m still very bitter about Infinity War, y’see.

But one of Marvel’s most recent – and most impressive – forays into VFX was in both of the Ant-Man movies, which opens with events set decades before the films main story. You know what this means, don’t you? A non-wrinkly Michael Douglas. I never thought I’d see the day either.


Take Ant-Man and the Wasp, which begins with Hope Van Dyne seeing her mother, Janet (played by Michelle Pfeiffer), before she falls in the Quantum Realm. Michelle and Michael Douglas, who plays Hope’s father, need to de-age by 30 years. And they do it without using those dodgy ads at the bottom of questionable websites which suggest you put donkey placenta on your face.

During the ten-minute-long video, they VFX department explain how they “youngify” actors by placing dots on the actors’ faces, so that there’s points of reference for tracking. From here, they re-sculpt and reshape the face, to make them seem younger.

It sounds simple enough. All I need to do is blob a few Sharpie dots on my beer belly, and I can reshape myself to get a six-pack, right? Right?!

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