Peter Crouch Reveals Odd Friendship With Lady Gaga Following A Star Is Born

Remember when Cher said Tom Cruise was in the list of her “top lovers”? That was weird. And sort of arousing. Don’t judge me.

Shia LaBeouf went on an actual date with actual Rihanna. That would’ve been like a scene from a Salvador Dali painting.

And yet neither of those celebrity couplings are as peculiar as the budding bromance between Lady Gaga and English professional footballer, Peter Crouch.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga A Star Is Born

Okay, if you’re prone to seeing red after being click baited, log off the Internet for a while, but know this is kinda funny, so forgive me. And if not, send all my hatemail to 28 Do One Street, Screw You Road, England. (Seriously. I live on an unfortunately named lane.)

The lanky footie* player recently checked out Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born, and couldn’t have praised it higher, saying “A star is born is one of the best films I have seen for such a long time.”

Oh, to be a cinema goer as the same day as him, and see a 27-foot-tall Peter Crouch doing the robot to Always Remember Us This Way.

He soon mentioned that he’d lent the Bad Romance singer one of his suits, to celebrate her role, joking about her style at the Elle’s Women in Hollywood event.

Just to clarify, I highly doubt they’ve ever actually met. Not like, ahem, me…

Yes. This whole article was a shameless attempt to flash the fact that I have met Lady Gaga and once gurgled Poker Face to her, much to her disgust. I’m ashamed. But tune in next week for more blatant clickbait, like You Won’t Believe How Much Cameron Diaz Loves Donkeys. (Answer: She probably likes them an average amount, to be fair.)

* Side note: Do people actually say “footie”? I get all of my football knowledge from FIFA video games. And I’m only on 2003. That Ryan Giggs is bloody good, isn’t he?

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