There Was A Wolverine Easter Egg In The Greatest Showman You Never Saw…

Logan was one of the greatest cinematic experiences of 2017. The Greatest Showman was, erm, also shown in cinemas. The less said about that, the better.

The only thing these two movies have in common is that they both star Hugh Jackman and that they both have camp dance numbers. (Clearly you didn’t see the Logan deleted scenes…)


One fan of the Wolverine franchise (or, as I like to refer to them as – one schmuck who forked out a couple of quid on buying The Greatest Showman on DVD) noticed a homage to the Marvel mutant during the opening credits.

reddit user,¬†irie_feeling, spotted an ornate design that subtly resembled Wolverine’s arms crossed, flashing his¬†Adamantium claws. And this is still better than the god awful special effects in The Greatest Showman. *shudder*.


It seems doubtful that this is just a mere coincidence; not only was Hugh Jackman a star in both of the pictures – the Australian was also an executive producer on The Greatest Showman. If you can’t crowbar your huge, rippling arms into every movie of yours, what’s the point in becoming an actor?

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