Nathan Fillion Made An Uncharted Fan-Film, And It’s The Only Good Video Game Adaption Ever.

I’ll never really be able to forgive Sony for that Ship Graveyard level in Uncharted 3. Just when I killed 3,409 men, by diving in and out of the water, all the while getting shot at, a further 9,493 men pop up. Oh, and they all have rocket launchers.

I may, however, be able to let it slide if they do what the world needs right now, and fund the recent live-action fan-film, which stars Nathan Fillion as the explorer, Nathan Drake. (That’s not so much as an ask, Sony, as it is a threat.)


From Assassin’s Creed to Warcraft, my sweet baby Jesus, we’ve had some dire video game adaptations. Who knew all it would take was Canadian film director, Allan Ungar, to cast Fillion in the role everyone’s wanted to see him play for about a decade? Alongside Nathan is Avatar’s Stephen Lang as Sully, and Mircea Monroe as Elena.

In the fifteen-minute-long fan-film, we see Nathan Drake get punched by baddies, whilst spitting off quick quips, just like we’re used to (minus the quick time events). There’s a first-person shooter moment, and enough history chat to well and truly confuse me, but, erm… LOOK AT THE BIG EXPLOSIONS! The eagle-eyed of you will even notice that at one point, the black bars wipe away, to indicate the transition between cutscene and gameplay. (I should get out more, shouldn’t I?)

This comes after Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland was cast as a young Nathan Drake in the (fully funded) live-action Uncharted adaptation. I know you had pressure playing the web slinger, Tom, but after Nathan gave the internet what it really wanted, you have a lot more pressure now, bud.


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