Kumail Nanjiani Really Doesn’t Mind If You Use Pornhub To Watch His New Movie

Before I go into detail, I just want to put this out there; I totally, definitely 100% do not have any idea whatsoever as to what Pornhub is. I have never been on it. It is not saved in my bookmarks.

And I most certainly do not have it open in a separate window to the one I’m currently using to write this post. Definitely not.


The Big Sick was a surprising stand-out movie of 2017; one which documents the real-life relationship between Kumail Najiani and his partner Emily. It’s a heartfelt, funny picture that’s suitable for the entire family.

You probably don’t want to sit down with your mum, cousins and Nana Ethel, though, if you intend on streaming it via Pornhub, as Kumail found out was possible… Weirdly, on Christmas Eve.

In our household, we open a present early. In Chez de Nanjiani, they gather round the laptop and watch a good ol’ fashioned bukkake. At least it’ll certainly be a white Christmas. Ahem… Moving swiftly on.


The star and co-writer of the movie took to Twitter to tell his 2.3 million followers that he didn’t actually mind them watching it on the adult video website. As long as they didn’t get too distracted.

While I felt like an idiot for initially buying The Big Sick on Blu-ray earlier this year, I may have breathed a sigh of relief. After searching “big sick” on Pornhub – for research purposes, obviously – you don’t get cute romcoms starring Ray Romano.

You really, really don’t. *shudder*

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