When In London, Do As The Justice League Do And Check Out Their Exhibition

Ah. The DC Extended Universe… Not to channel every sports teacher I’ve ever had, but jeez, what a disappointment.

From Batman v Superman to Suicide Squad, the DCEU has seen it’s fair share of dodgy pictures. (We’re just going to brush over the bloody brilliant Wonder Woman so I can make my point.)


I’m feeling nervous about the upcoming Justice League. Understandably. So much so that I may have done a little wee when I went to The Justice League Experience in London. It was either the nerves or the fact that I was considerably hungover on the day, and had zero control of my bladder. TMI?

Launching the new movie, cast-members like Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller descended into Holborn, London, each to conduct interviews with the press in their own individually-themed rooms, and… I went a day after, after the A-listers had all gone. But, erm, I did get to speak to the cleaner who worked there. His kid’s going to be eight this week, so there’s that.


This installation had five themed rooms, one for each member of the Justice League, and some were great – in Diana Prince’s (for you, Mum, that’s Wonder Woman’s alter-ego) study, you get to don her iconic metal bracelets, which FYI, don’t block bullets. I learnt the hard way. And don’t even get me started on The Flash’s room. Well, you got me started… His set seemed to be a perfect recreation of what can be seen in the trailer, along with a sofa you can pose in. It’s better than it sounds.

Meanwhile, other characters had rooms that looked like the before on Changing Rooms.*

* I wish there were more shows like this, so I didn’t have to use such niche references from the 90s.

Batman, who is kinda the most prolific character in the superhero genre, had an all-black room. He was stood in the middle of it, like an angsty 13-year-old who just listened to My Chemical Romance for the first time, and… That was it. I mean, I wasn’t expecting Jeremy Irons in the corner pouring me tea-after-tea à la Alfred, but at least hire Kevin Spacey to do it. I hear he’s got a bit of time on his hands.


At the end of the day, the event was free, and it was cool to see the costumes worn by the stars, just a day before the actors themselves had stood in that room. Plus, I got to meet Aquaman, so I’m kinda just deflating from squealing.

And there was no Superman film, so nope – he’s definitely still dead from Batman v Superman. There’s definitely no way he’s coming back. Nope. Zero. You heard it here first.

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