Christopher Plummer Replaces Kevin Spacey. Becomes The Greatest Meme Ever.

Remember a year ago, when you’d log on to Twitter and the worst bit of news you could see is “WW3 looking more likely than ever”? Well, it’s got worse. A lot worse.

Chances are that any male actor you’ve ever admired, is now in the midst of sexual assault allegations. Jeffrey Tambor, Louis CK, Ben Affleck and Dustin Hoffman are all but a fraction of the names accused of this.

All I’m saying is that if it comes out Tom Hanks was a part of this horrific act, I will literally dive head-first into a blender.


Following the news that Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey apparently made sexual advances on actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14-years-old, the House of Cards actor has been fired from his already-finished role in All The Money In The World, and replaced by Christopher Plummer.

Wow. That whole paragraph was serious. Not one joke. Who have I become? Poo. Poo. Fart. There we go – back to my usual highbrow humour.

Despite having already finished filming his role asΒ J. Paul Getty in the biographical picture, he has been cut from the picture and recast by Beginners star, Christopher Plummer. While this is a logistical nightmare for the crew, Ridley Scott, the marketing team and everyone else involved, by golly, did it produce some incredible memes.

Yeah, so what? I added one of my own posts into the funniest reactions article. What are you gonna do? Replace me on my own blog? (Wait. Christopher Plummer can do that too?! Ah fuck.)

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