Burt Ward Spills The Beans On Batman, Beers And Stan Lee’s Secret Talent

I’m pretty sure, before an interview with Tom Hardy, Usain Bolt, Cara Delevingne and Matthew Perry, Graham Norton will pop by a local McDonalds for a quick six-pack of nuggets.

Well, that’s what I did before I spoke to Burt Ward ahead of the release of his new movie, Batman vs. Two-Face, where he reprises his iconic role of Robin… At the age of 72.

(Don’t worry – it’s an animated picture.)

BMvTF_FrameGrab_CREATIVE_10_master (1).jpg

I’ve had my fair share of awkward interviews in my lifetime; I’ve spoken to two 14-year-old kids* before, who were more keen on their double macchiatos than they were on me. But as soon as Burt greeted me with “Hello, citizen”, I knew that I was going to have a good one. And maybe even fall a little bit in love.

* Just to clarify, these 14-year-old kids were famous actors. I never have, nor will I ever stand outside the local school with sweets, asking the students questions.

We soon got to talking about Batman vs. Two-Face, a genuinely fantastic homage to Burt’s Batman series of yesteryear, with all of the darkness of the Nolan-franchise. Fear not – the chat wasn’t too film-nerdy, dahling. It soon got to the point where we were discussing Burt’s “huge billiard balls” and “private moments with [his] wife”.

Following the recent success of the likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it only seemed fair to ask Burt about his love for Marvel, if he’s allowed to enjoy it, that is. To be fair, even if I was a DC don, like Burt, I’d rave about Marvel if it gave me the chance to name-drop Stan Lee like he did.


And in a very professional attempt at journalism, I simply said “Bruv, can you give me an exclusive on Stan? Thanks. ‘Cause I want some clicks on my website. Sound.” Now you may want to sit down for the following information I give you. No, Stan isn’t actually Captain America. No, Stan can’t recite the alphabet in less than seven seconds. But…

He does walk fast. Okay, it’s not the hottest scoop on the internet, but it did result in me and Burt agreeing to hit the pub together, so it’s a win for me, and that’s all I really care about.

Batman vs. Two-Face – see it now on Digital Download, and on Blu-ray and DVD October 30.

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