WATCH: This Account Has Won Twitter, After It Made Pennywise From It Dance To Every Song

The recent adaptation of Stephen King’s It is about a light-hearted clown who works in an office, leading up the company’s I.T. department. Right?

Okay, I’m gonna cut to the chase – I’m a little bitch. I haven’t seen It and I don’t intend to, simply because the thought of a horror film consisting of a killer clown is enough to put me off going to the circus for good. I’ve been pissed on by a tiger and not even that stopped me.

giphy (1).gif

While the Bill Skarsgård-starring picture has broken records, I’m just pleased tonnes of memes have spawned because of it. And by it, I mean It. Got it?

And the very best of those has to be watching the sinister clown, Pennywise, dancing to popular hits – from Taylor Swift to Pharrell.

Now this is what a fucking clown is supposed to do, Pennywise. He’s meant to make people laugh; not kidnap and murder them in an array of gruesome methods. Just like, y’know, erm… The Joker? Or Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story? Or… Jeez. Clowns are buggared, aren’t they?

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