Hasselhoff, Shatner And Lundgren Hit England For Every Sci-Fi Fan’s Ultimate Fantasy…

Whenever I’m nipping off to the loo, I won’t leave by politely asking to be excused from present company. Oh no. I’ll channel my inner-Arnie and exclaim “I’ll be back”. That might explain why a lot of people refuse to talk to me.

Whenever I’m out at a seafood restaurant, I’ll always order the prawns in a South African accent,¬†√† la District 9. Some see it as a racial mocking, but I say it as a homage to an incredible science-fiction movie. But a lot more see it as racism.


What I’m trying to get at is that I’m a fan of science fiction movies, so when I found out that For The Love Of Sci-Fi, a science-fiction convention, was hitting Manchester for a third time this year, you can imagine how much I squealed both internally and externally.

Last year’s gathering boasted stars from the likes of Harry Potter, The Hobbit and Doctor Who, but you may wanna put seat belts on your eyes, because what I’m about to tell you will take them on the ride of their lives. For The Love Of Sci-Fi is proud to present its most ambitious line-up of guests, all available for photos and autographs. Attending is – *deep breath* – William Shatner, Dolph Lundgren, David Hasselhoff, Ernie Hudson, Billy Dee Williams, Dave Prowse, and many more stars from the likes of Ghostbusters, and Starship Troopers as well as comic book illustrators. Did you just do a little wee too?

No? Just me. Well, moving swiftly on…


Aside from the guest panels, For The Love Of Sci-Fi is also home to several attractions, including prop and set builds, magic shows and a fun fair. What most excites me, however, is their iconic replica of Star Wars’ Mos Eisley Cantina. Finally, a place where I can order¬†Corellian lum without being chucked out… The bar staff at The Red Lion don’t take too kindly to that.


For The Love Of Sci-Fi is set to take place at Trafford Park, Manchester on December 2nd-3rd this year, and you can still book tickets here.

So what are you still doing here? You do realise you can literally meet the Hoff, don’t you? I don’t often want you to leave my site, but… BOOK TICKETS AND MEET THE EFFIN’ HOFF.

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