11 Star Wars Secrets You Didn’t Know, But Definitely Do Now, Thanks To Star Wars Identities

I’m in a moral quandary. With my Star Wars Blu-rays, how do I arrange them? I could arrange them by date of release – starting with 1977’s A New Hope, and working my way to the most recent story, Rogue One.

Or I could arrange them by dates of events in the franchise, putting Rogue One after Revenge Of The Sith, and ending in (so far) The Force Awakens.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m a massive Star Wars nerd. So when I got the chance to attend Star Wars Identities at London’s The O2, I felt like I was on Cloud nine City.

The exhibition – which has been in London since November 18, 2016, until September 3, 2017 – not only provides details on the most iconic franchise in the galaxy, and showcases costumes and props from the movies, but offers guests the chance to identify who they’d be if they were in the world of Star Wars. What would I be? A lightsaber-wielding Jedi Master, fighting the Dark Side to save the galaxy? A strong and brave Wookie, defending my species on Kashyyyk?

Or would I be this gormless looking bloke?


At least I look dope as hell armed with a Kloo horn. Maybe I could pay some jaunty jingles to stop the Sith Lords? That’ll show ’em.

While I could easily spend a good 2,490,205 parsecs personalising my own Star Wars hero during their interactive experience, there’s tonnes of secrets about the films hidden amongst the exhibit. And luckily for you, here’s 11 of them right here…

C-3PO Didn’t Have A Great Time Filming…

You’d have thought being encased in a shimmering, golden droid outfit for hours on end, stuck in the middle of the desert would be a doddle. Why’s Anthony Daniels complaining?!

Apparently, he’s complaining because he had such difficulty moving in his costume, that an upright board was brought on-set for him to lean on between takes. At least he only had to wear the costume for all seven Episodic movies.

Boba Fett Almost Looked Like An Adorable Bride…

No, he wasn’t wielding a bouquet instead of his blasters. What I’m trying to say is that – originally – the cult favourite bounty hunter’s costume was entirely white, as he was set to be part of an elite breed of Stormtroopers.

He wasn’t painted until after several screen tests. But if you can find you a bride who will dress like that, you’ve found yourself The One.


Luke Skywalker Could Have Been Lucy Skywalker…

Rey. Leia. Jyn. The Galaxy is full of strong, powerful female characters, but we almost got another to add to the collection… And another to ridiculously omit from Star Wars Monopoly sets. Sigh.

Between the second and third drafts of Star Wars, George Lucas briefly considered replacing Luke Skywalker with a female princess character her had been working on.

Luke Skywalker Could Have Been Luke Skykiller…

Talk about having a bloody identity crisis. Am I a girl? Am I a Skykiller? Just pick one and stick with it Luke. Jeez, bro.

Early costume sketches of the hero and his adoptive parents label the heroic character as Luke Skykiller. If that name doesn’t scream ‘good guy’, I don’t know what will.

About 70% Of Han Solo In Carbonite Isn’t Actually Han Solo…

I know, I know. I feel like a good portion of my life has been a lie too. I’ve wasted so many nights kissing and cuddling my photo album dedicated entirely to Han, and for what?!

I mean, erm… According to Star Wars Identities, Harrison Ford provided casts for the face and hands, but the rest of the frozen body on display was actually someone different entirely.

Jabba The Hutt Almost Had A Cute Pair Of Pins On Him…

I like Jabba. Sure, he’s a gluttonous creep who does nothing but sit down and wallow in his own filth, but… That’s why I like him. I just see so much of myself in Jabba the Hutt.

Although, John Millo, the costume designer, originally penned the crime boss as a slimy-looking humanoid who’d walk on two legs. Such unrealistic standards of beauty for Hutts.

Yoda Went From A Literal Monkey, To The Wise Master…

There’s a lot to learn about Yoda – his name was inspired by the Far-East; Albert Einstein influenced his appearance; and from Day One, he still spoke like a proper gonk.

But the most shocking thing to note is that amongst ideas, such as using stop-motion photography to create the green mentor, artists considered using a monkey in a costume. I’d have paid good money to see the scene where Yoda poops in his hands and starts flinging it at Count Dooku.

en-04 (1).jpg

Chewbacca Was Inspired By Someone Very Close To George Lucas…

And before I get the famed director in a lot of trouble, I’m not talking about any partners he may have had. (I’ve got your back, GL.)

Lucas used to drive around town, with his huge Alaskan malamute sitting in the passenger seat next to him, just like the iconic Han and Chewie. Early sketches featured Chewie looking less like a dog and more like a pointy-eared space monkey. (WHAT WAS WITH STAR WARS AND MONKEYS?!)

You May Crave A Big Mac After Seeing The Millenium Falcon…

Just bare with me. You’ve listened to me talking about Wookies driving through Los Angeles, and a leggy space slug, but this is the one I’ve lost you on?!

George took inspiration for Han Solo’s ship, the Millenium Falcon, from a burger. The mandibles were added to give the ship a clear front and back. Just don’t get me started on the floor made of gherkins in the cockpit.

The Pilots’ Visors Are One Of Hollywood’s Biggest Secrets To Date…

Who knew a little bit of yellow plastic could be the most secretive part of the entire franchise?

The visors on the Rebel pilot helmets were tinted yellow to disguise the fact that the oppressive heat of the soundstage was making the actors’ makeup run. If only they helped pilots, I dunno, take down TIE Fighters as well…


Darth Vader Could Have Been The Most FABULOUS Villain In The Universe…

Don’t even try to deny it – Ani knows how to accessorise. From his incredible cape, to his ever-so-shiny mask.

But very early sketches show Darth Vader wielding a multicoloured lightsaber, because he’s just so damn extravagant. Really puts Mace Windu’s purple one to shame, doesn’t it?

Don’t panic – that’s not ALL of the secrets you can learn from Star Wars Identities; I’m a music-playing Nautolan, for crying out loud – I couldn’t spoil the exhibition for you. So you can find out more of the inside facts for yourself, by getting tickets to Star Wars Identities right here.

And to think, it’s all happening in a galaxy not too far from the Blackwall Tunnel.

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