Mary Poppins Release First Look Pictures And They’re Supercali – Whatever. They’re Good.

Ever since 1964, Dick Van Dyke’s horrifically warped cockney accent which sounded like his chimney sweep was shoved so far up his bottom, it was coming out the top and affecting his speech, has been haunting children nightly.

So when Entertainment Weekly released the first look snaps of Disney’s Mary Poppins sequel, I’d have warmly embraced them, even if they were hideously ugly. Luckily for me, they weren’t. They were just really bloody good.

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Mary Poppins Returns, which should – wait for it – see the return of Bert, Michael, Jane and someone else – has received praise for its latest photos and concept art, featuring the likes of Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep. If your eyes didn’t water at that cast, go seek medical help. Now.

Oh, and it also stars Dick Van Dyke. Your eyes will really be watering now.

Mary Poppins Returns focuses on Michael and Jane, now adults, after he suffers a personal loss. You know what this means, don’t you? A jaunty woman to fly in with her levitating umbrella. That always helps me when I’m feeling a little down, too. Miranda stars as Mary’s lamplighter pal, Jack, and Meryl appears as Mary’s flamboyant cousin, Topsy. But then again, Meryl could literally play John McClane and she’d still be perfect.

Mary Poppins Returns hits cinemas 25 December 2018.


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