15 Disney GIFs That Perfectly Summarise A Week At Work, And Will Make You Say “Yup. That’s Me!”

Krispy Kreme. Instagram stalking. Disney. These are a few of my favourite things.

Now I’m Type 1 diabetic, so I’ll lay off the doughnuts for – say – the next three minutes. I can’t stalk anyone on Instagram right now, because I’ve accidentally liked a photo of my crush 27 weeks deep. So that leaves one thing and one thing only to ease the pain of going back to work…

I’ve spent the past thirty minutes finding Disney GIFs in order to sum up the standard work-life. I mean, I probably shouldn’t have written this article while at work, should I

Waking up on Monday.


Waking up on any weekday, for that matter.


Even on days that you’re confident you’ll wake up chirpy.


When people don’t take off their bags on the tube.


Getting a “good job” from your boss.


Being asked a question after zoning out in a meeting.


When someone brings snacks into the office.


Finding out two co-workers hooked up.


Leaving the office for lunch in the cold.


Getting your inbox down to 99 emails.10

When a colleague thinks they’re some sort of hero for coming in with a cold.


Getting a call at 5:28.


When your boss buys drinks all night.


When your boss doesn’t buy a single drink all night.


Most importantly, spending time not doing work to read The Movie Dweeb.


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