How To Fool Siri Into Thinking You’re Batman. No. For Real.

I want to be handsome. I want to be rich. And – most importantly – I want to be able to yell “WHERE IS SHE?!” in a deep, gravelly voice. Thanks to Apple, I can now live out those dreams.

And to think – I thought the best thing to come out of the iPhone was that Stocks app that we all use hourly, right? RIGHT?! Take the effing hint, Steve Jobs. (I know he’s not in charge anymore, but who has the time to actually Google stuff like that?)

With the release of the bloody awesome The LEGO Batman Movie, you can now trick Siri into becoming the actual Batcomputer. Some say I should get out more; some say I should actually make friends; sure, some say I should get a real life and that I’m the worst son they’ve ever had, but… I’M NOW FRICKIN’ BATMAN. Sort of.

Just like Will Arnett’s caped crusader, simply address Siri as “Hey, ‘Puter” and Siri will spiel off some incredible LEGO-based Batman responses, including “I am at your service, Lego Batman, sir” and “You have a message from the Condiment King. It says ‘Pbbbffftttt!’”.

With this power, you’ll soon see me swanning around the streets, cleaning up crime. By which I mean getting back home by 9PM, my curfew, while wearing a bin-liner round my neck. But you say ‘potato’, I say ‘potato’.

That doesn’t really work written down, does it?


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