WATCH: Woody Harrelson Is Releasing The First LIVE Feature Film, Lost In London

Seven years ago, EastEnders – the icon of good writing and performance – decided to do a live episode. Needless to say, it was worse than catching genital warts.

And in case you need reminding of it, here’s the moment Jake Wood, who not only plays Max Branning, but looks like a scotch egg on legs, forced his fingers into his throat in an attempt to throw up live on screen… But instead, just sounded like a vulture with a walnut stuck in its throat.

So what madman would take the risk to follow suit?

Jan-08-2017 09-51-25.gif

This one.

Following a bizarre taxi chase through London, which led to Woody Harrelson being arrested back in 2002, the Zombieland star has adapted the event into a feature film, Lost In London.

The picture – which also stars Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson* – will be shot on location and live-streamed into 500 cinemas across the world on Thursday, 19 January. And let’s face it – whether it’s live, pre-recorded or just a drunken hallucination in my head, it’s two hours of Woody. It’s gonna be awesome.

*Who saw this coming? Woody Harrelson, and enthusiast and supporter for the legalisation of marijuana, casting Willie; this guy…

They’re like a wrinkly Seth Rogen-James Franco.

Woody has said that one of the most worrying aspects of the venture is England’s unpredictable weather. That plus using new technology and equipment is pretty risky for Woody’s directorial debut, so just be gentle with him – it is his first time after all.


Lost In London will be broadcast in select cinemas on 19 January 2017.

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