REVIEW: The Father

With some of the most exceptional performances, The Father is – to put it simply – impressive yet devastating.

REVIEW: Locked Down

Is Locked Down a relationship drama? A heist movie? A romantic comedy? Or all three?!


Much like any Pixar film, you WILL cry at Soul, and it’s moral which is more important now, than ever.

REVIEW: The Witches (2020)

Children will enjoy The Witches. If they can get past the terrifying Pennywise-esque nightmare scenes.


Without the heart, humour or magic, the live-action Mulan pales in comparison to the original.


I implore that you watch TENET now on a big screen, or regret it forever.

REVIEW: Onward

Onward is not quite as good as Pixar’s Inside Out, but so much better than Pixar’s Cars 2.