Hailee Steinfeld Finds Out Taylor Swift’s ‘evermore’ Is Based On Her Character

Taylor Swift can’t even hum a tune without The Daily Mail questioning who it could possibly be about. (And then sharing, like, sixteen photos of Whoopi Goldberg because she forgot to wear a coat out, with the headline ‘Whoopi Goldbrrrrg’. The Daily Mail really are trash, aren’t they?)

Previously, it’s been speculated that Taylor’s written songs about the likes of Joe Jonas, Glee’s Cory Monteith, Taylor Lautner and even Jake Gyllenhaal – I’m actually really jealous she’s not dropped a song about me – but now fans believe Taylor’s latest album, ‘evermore’ was actually inspired by American poet, Emily Dickinson.

Because, naturally, if you don’t go from Joe Jonas to Emily Dickinson, are you even doing song-writing right?

I spoke to Hailee Steinfeld about her Apple TV+ series Dickinson, in which she plays the titular poet, Emily, and asked if she knew about the theory behind her close friend’s album.

“I don’t know [if ‘evermore’ is based on Emily Dickinson], but I’m dying to know. The clues are lining up. I gotta figure that out,” said Hailee.

Fans believe that Taylor Swift was inspired by Emily Dickinson for her album ‘evermore’, after the ‘Shake It Off’ singer announced it on 10 December, which is also Emily’s birthday.

Emily also ended one of her most iconic poems, ‘One Sister Have I in Our House’, with the word “forevermore,” and Taylor also spoke about an idea for her album with “this girl sleepwalking through the forest in a nightgown in 1830”, which happens to be the year Emily was born.

Swifties have also speculated that the song ‘Ivy’ was about Emily and her partner, Sue.

Honestly, these fans are incredible with their clues. I’m starting to think we should get some of them to try and work out who shot JFK; they’d solve it in milliseconds.

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