How To Use ‘My Isolation Buddy’ Filter

Can you believe this? I have an actual Instagram filter! Look at me; I’m all growned up.

And all it took me was several months of frustration, nearly throwing my laptop off of my balcony twice, an extensive course in coding and bribery of four important Instagram staff members.

But that’s all it took!

With the whole world and their nan – you better be doing this, nan – self-isolating from the world, during the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to know who your ideal quarantine pal would be – from Gal Gadot to Kristen Stewart.

And, yes; I did put Tom Hanks in the filter before he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Try not to get him, okay?

If you want to find out who your isolation buddy is, there’s a few simple steps you have to take – none of which involve bribing Instagram…

Step 1

Open Instagram (obviously) and head on over to The Movie Dweeb’s profile (@themoviedweeb)

Step 2

Click on the face filters button [1], and then the ‘My isolation buddy’ filter [2]

Step 3

Tap on ‘Try It’ [3], hold record, and see which A-lister you’re going to be shackled up with for the foreseeable future… I’m happy, as long as Johnny Depp doesn’t eat all of my quarantine snacks.

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