Win A Quiet Place On DVD

I saw Gothika way back in 2003. Looking back at it, I realise it was a total waste of reel, but back then, I was terrified, and it still haunts me to this day.

Thankfully, 15 years later, I can now redeem myself by watching the critically-acclaimed A Quiet Place (albeit from behind the sofa, cuddling Snug-Snug, my comfort blanket.)

To celebrate the upcoming release of John Krasinski’s directorial debut, A Quiet Place, available on Digital Download now, and 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD 13 August, here’s a chance to win a copy of the haunting thriller on DVD!

Click To Win.png

Also starring John’s wife, Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place is an unmissable thriller that follows a family who must navigate their lives in silences to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) are determined to find a way to protect their children at all costs. And to think – the biggest woe my family goes through is what takeaway we order tonight. I TOLD YOU, MUM – WE’RE GETTING A CHINESE!

For your chance to win a copy of A Quiet Place on DVD, simply answer one question here.

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A Quiet Place is out now on Digital and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on 13 August.

A Quiet Place © 2018 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


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