Donald Trump’s Right – Meryl Streep Is Totally Overrated. And Here’s Why…

To be mocked by anyone hurts – believe me; if someone doesn’t make a joke about my nose once every 15 minutes, there’s something wrong with the world – but to be attacked by Donald Trump, a man who looks like an aged version of Sir Alan Sugar’s ball bag with lint crudely glued on top; that’s gotta sting.

Just ask Meryl Streep, an actor who is widely praised as the greatest thespian of all-time. Or, to POTUS – the ‘P’ stands for ‘prick’, by the way – he deems her as “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood”.


That’s not hyperbole. This isn’t an elaborate set-up for a joke which will then lead me to a punchline of him enjoying golden showers. (Although, if it were, I’d probably end with “So he held a piss conference”.) He actually posted that message on Twitter.

Following her criticism of Donald Trump, as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at this year’s Golden Globes, the – sigh – President argued that, despite not knowing him, she wrongfully “attacked” him.

I don’t often agree with Donald; why would I? He’s a fucking game show host, not the most powerful man on the planet. But – for once – I totally stand by what he says. What reason could you possibly have to consider Meryl, the greatest actress of her generation, any good?

Well, I have 79 reasons, for you; every single acting credit she has.

Meryl YAS.gif

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  1. Well said. Also, to Mr. “I know all the best words”, overrated has no hyphen.

    1. dlmerrifield says:

      THANK YOU. If you’re going to slate the best thing to happen to Hollywood since the invention of the letter ‘H’, at least punctuate it properly. You, sir, are a good man.

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